Australian Holistic Management Co-operative

Member Networking

The Australian Holistic Management Co-operative has a commitment to create environmental and economic benefits for its members, by bringing together a networked community involved in regenerative agriculture and Holistic Management practices. Through the Co-op, members are able to access ecological health monitoring and branded promotion of regenerative produce, as well as take advantage of mentoring, a global community, conferences, field days, training and education.

AHMC members are able to receive mentoring and support around Australia, not only from the Co-op's highly experienced educators, but also from each other, as a group of ecologically-aware producers with diverse family lives, varying levels of experience and different types of produce.

Global Community
The Co-op is a Hub of the world-wide Savory Institute, so members become part of an international learning community of farmers, with access to free resources such as the L2M Journal and the Science Library. AHMC members also receive 10% off Savory online courses, books and media.

The AHMC holds Farming Matters Conferences, and members receive concessions on attendance fees. Speakers are local and international experts, and the events are attended by government groups, researchers, and supply chain businesses. See Farming Matters 2021: For our Love of the Land

Field Days
Field Days
AHMC Conferences are followed by a day of trips to regeneratively farmed properties surrounding the conference location. Field Days are also held throughout the year at member sites, and offer great opportunities to learn more about regenerative practices and network with other AHMC members.

EOV frame
EOV Training
AHMC trains EOV monitors to two proficiency levels, Short (STM) or Long-term Monitor (LTM). Courses include lectures and field work, then field practice continues until accreditation is achieved. If you are interested in training as an EOV monitor, please see the EOV Monitor Expression of Interest form.

HM education
Holistic Management Education
AHMC also provides information for members on Holistic Management education, available in many locations around Australia from a group of accredited educators, see

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